"They named a brandy after Napoleon, they made a herring out of Bismarck,and Hitler is going to end up as a piece of cheese."



Memory Trap [ Can, R:Allan Code, 45 Min] + Otter Eye [R: Allan Code, 22:00 min.]  Both movies OV

Memory Trap tells the story of the Forty-Mile caribou herd in Northern Yukon. From half a million in the 1920s the herd was decimated to about seven thousand by the 1970s. Memory Trap follows the herd for a year through the remote wilderness of Northern Yukon and Alaska. The film tells how traditional knowledge and science saved the herd from near extinction.


Memory Trap: The Herd That Wouldn't Disappear from Available Light On-Demand on Vimeo.


Otter Eye is an in-depth musing on the life, habits and survival of the river otter that inhabits rivers and lakes throughout Yukon. - Q and A afterwards with curator, Yukon-based filmmaker / composer Daniel Janke

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