Lifted / Who Will Remember / Intercontinental / The Village / You Can’t Kill My Dreams – insges. 85 Min

TT 2019, R: Miquel Galofré, 20 Min

Trinidad and Tobago is home to over 7,000 asylum-seekers and refugees. Set against frank conversation about diversity, Lifted follows the highs and lows experienced by a refugee, Venezuelan, family as they journey through Port-of-Spain, and encounter a group of Moko Jumbies (stilt-walkers). Miquel Galofré is a filmmaker from Barcelona based in Trinidad & Tobago. He spent the last decade filming Caribbean documentaries about social issues.


Un breve documental presenta la vida de una familia de refugiados venezolanos que, mientras rehacen sus vidas, aprenden a caminar con zancos. Carlos pasa la mayor parte de sus días dentro de un humilde apartamento con su madre y su hermano mayor. Asiste a un centro de enseñanza temporal administrado por Living Water Community, una organización local sin fines de lucro socia de ACNUR, que brinda asistencia humanitaria a las personas refugiadas y solicitantes de asilo. Toda la familia espera con ansias los días en que salen a practicar las caminatas sobre zancos con el grupo Sticks in De Yard. "Cuando hacemos el Moko Jumbie es como un pequeño descanso de nuestra vida real", dice la madre de Carlos. "La gente ahí es muy agradable. Ellos practican, nos reímos, tratamos de ser normales". Trinidad y Tobago, con una población de casi 1,4 millones de personas, alberga a más de 40.000 venezolanos y venezolanas. La legislación actual del país no permite a las personas refugiadas y migrantes trabajar o acceder al sistema escolar oficial. Sin embargo, muchos trinitenses están recibiendo a las personas venezolanas y a otros solicitantes de asilo, ayudándolos a integrarse a través de actividades como el Moko Jumbie - las caminatas con zancos - una tradición traída al país por los pueblos africanos durante la esclavitud. (

Who Will Remember
USA 2018, R: Manuel Freedman mit Hayden Williams-Moran, Ava Lalezarzadeh, Manuel Freedman, 20 Min, OV

On the eve of the Armenian Genocide, a Turkish soldier (17, Tamir) warns his Armenian friend (16, Alice Zerahian) and her family of the approaching Turkish army and their intent to put an end to the Armenian Question once and for all. Based on a screenplay written by Barbara Erysian – a second generation Armenian-American. “This film is dedicated to my grandmother and her younger brother who escaped the Armenian Genocide of 1915 and to all the others who survived or perished. She kept him alive at an orphanage by gathering small wads of dough one breadcrumb at a time. They were rescued by a Christian man passing by who recognized the sign of the fish. They were reunited with their remaining family and immigrated to America.” Screenwriter Barbara Erysian grew up hearing the story from her Grandmother about surviving the Armenian Genocide. In 2014, Barbara reflected on her Grandma Alice’s words, “Tell your children. Tell your children’s children. Never forget.” Wanting to tell the widest audience possible, she took it upon herself to write a screenplay for a feature film.


WWRIndiegogoVideo from MFM on Vimeo.


CH 2018, R: Louis Hans-Moevi mit Bakery Barrow, Sara Louis, 20 Min, OmeU

Sarjo is an anonymous worker at a luxury hotel high in the mountains. When he is fired, amid the laundry machines, he decides to take on a new identity and roam the corridors and grounds reserved for guests.


Intercontinental - Extrait from ECAL on Vimeo.

The Village
D 2018, R: Rose Palmer, 5 Min – Regisseurin zu Gast

Three refugees describe their experiences of gaining their freedom and their lives in The Village, a safe haven in the picturesque town of Darmstadt, Germany. The Village houses the most traumatised refugees arriving in the country, and offers them mental health support to help them overcome their experiences and to take the first steps of their new lives in Germany.

You Can’t Kill My Dreams
D 2018, R: Saham El-Gaban mit Karrar Oleiwi, Lilia Saenger, Anil Özseven, 20 Min, OmeU – Regisseur zu Gast

Ahmed ist ein ehrgeiziger, junger Mann, der eine Liebesbeziehung mit einer jungen Sängerin und Gitarristin hat. Sie versucht, mithilfe ihrer Freunde eine Band zu gründen. Bislang lief alles gut. Doch Ahmed hat ernsthafte Probleme, eine Aufenthaltserlaubnis in Deutschland zu bekommen. Seine Freunde versuchen, für ihn eine Lösung zu finden, und sein Problem zu beseitigen. Kann es ein Happy end für alle geben?
Dreams never stop, specially when away from home. When Ahmad, an ambitious young guy, meets with an amature singer and guitarist Lilia, they decide to form a music band with help from friends. Ahmad is struggling with his legal issues for being a war refugee in germany. His friends decide to take the initiative and document his story trying to help their troubled friend. Will everyone realize what they want at the end? The film talks about the deportation… When a person achieves all his ambitions in a new country and after a while clashes with the rejection of his asylum.



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