Qapirangajuq: Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change

CA, 2010, R: Zacharias Kunuk und Ian Mauro, 54 Min, OmeU

Across Atlantic Canada, coastlines and communities are already being adversely affected by climate change due to increasing storm intensity, surging sea levels, coastal erosion and flooding. Preparations are now being made for the super storms of the future, but this will not be easy, as ocean levels are expected to increase over one meter globally by the year 2100 due to melting Polar Regions and warmer waters undergoing “thermal expansion”.

This film, shot across Atlantic Canada, represents a consultation with over 100 stakeholders, and documents their real world experiences and efforts to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Despite being on the frontlines, Atlantic Canadians show that solutions to this pressing global issue are within our grasp, provided we decide to act.



Vorfilm: Utuqaq (Ice That Stays Year After Year)

USA, 2021, R: Iva Radivojevic, 27 Min, OmeU

Utuqaq is a sci-fi poem set in the Arctic. On its vast lunar landscape, the main protagonist is Ice. Five visitors arrive one spring to camp on the ice sheet.



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