Panorama Colombia: Shorts 1 (111') OmeU

- LA TORTUGA DE PLÁSTICO [THE PLASTIC TURTLE], 2019, R: Miguel León, Claudia Osejo,
10 Min, OmeU

A little turtle lives quietly at the bottom of the sea until he suffers an accident. The turtle will fight to survive and will suffer the physical and environmental changes that human unconsciousness has produced.

- NIGHT SWIM [NADO NOCTURNO], 2019, R: Vixtoria Rivera, 12 Min, Omeu

Three teenage girls break into a shutdown pool, but when uninvited guests show up, their friendship is tested and forever tainted.

- A TIEMPO [ON TIME], 2019, R:Felipe Peláez Gómez, 29 Min, OmeU

A group of farmers makes room for education in the middle of their working schedule. Yadi and Mauricio are a young couple who see in education the possibility of making their dreams come true and the opportunity to change their living conditions. Don Gilberto and Mercedes, his wife, are two elders with a very particular vision of the education.

- ATMÓSFERAS [ATMOSPHERES], 2019, R: Leinad Pájaro De la Hoz, 12 Min, Omeu

An uninterrupted journey through a Street in San Antonio de los Baños in Cuba. The film explores the different moods, rhythms, faces and voids that coexist in close proximity within the prismatic space of the street which at the same time is the time of a whole generation.

- SOEURS JARARIJU [THE JARARIJU SISTERS], 2018, R: Jorge Cadena, 21 Min, Omeu

In the middle of an austere landscape polluted by a coal mine in northern Colombia, Viviana and Yandris, two teenage sisters of the Wayuu ethnic group, discover their traditions through ancestral rituals. When their father dies, the Jarariju sisters leave their country, in an act of boldness and courage.


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