Berlin Sci-fi: Short Films 6; - insges: 86 min

Osirika - Black Champagne (Music/Animation)

Indonisia/USA 2019, R: Jeremiah Williams, 5:30min, OmeU;

Black Champagne is an animated musical journey about a young priestess queen named Suraya and her confidant, priest king Jamari, who are both the spiritual and political leaders of an ancient, magical, Black civilization located on an island off the coast of Morocco.


ALT + <3 (Fantasy) USA 2018, R: Joseph Neuman mit Lisa Christine Holmberg , Len Charles , 7min, OV; A man orders the perfect companion, but is perfection what he really wants?

Seven Days Cage (AI Drama) China 2019, R: Zhou Jun mit zhao xiao dong , 31:30min, OmeU;

It tells the story of Li Ran, an artificial intelligence scientist, who suddenly woke up one day and was imprisoned in an unknown pink room with a TV set showing his suicide and various weird sculptures.

Memory Man (Drama) UK 2019, R: Christopher M Armstrong mit Joplin Sibtain , Mark Mansfield , 12min;- Regisseur zu Gast; In a future where psychic abilities are outlawed, the Memory Man makes a living dealing with uncomfortable memories for other people.


The Age of Teleportation (RomCom) DE 2018, R: Henning Pulss mit Cem Lukas Yeginer, Nina Steils, 15min, OmeU;

Lift Off (Drama) Ireland 2018, R: Kevin Hughes mit Jane Brennan, Muireann Ryan , 7min, OV; - Regisseur & Produzent zu Gast Boy meets girl in the future.

He dreams about the space station above the earth. She lives there. A perfect match. But unfortunately teleportation isn’t that easy.

The Wolves (Horror) USA 2019, R: Matthew Barber mit Keesha Sharp , Sean Anthony Moran , 8min, OV;

On the eve of a comet passing strikingly close to Earth a pair of sadistic home invaders toy with a captive family, but everything changes when the comet triggers an invasion of its own.

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