"They named a brandy after Napoleon, they made a herring out of Bismarck,and Hitler is going to end up as a piece of cheese."



LA DANZA DE LOS MIRLOS  [OmeU] Live Music introduction by LOS CHACALES 

The event will be opened with a short live music presentation by the psychedelic cumbia band LOS CHACALES

La Danza De Los Mirlos [OmeU] 

Peru, 2022, R: Alvaro Luque, 84 Min,

@Mar del Plata Official Selection  By Alvaro Luque / Documentary / Peru / 2022 / Spanish / 84 Min, OmeU

In the heat of the Peruvian jungle, a group of young people gathers at the Rodríguez family house for an event that will change the history of Latin American music: the birth of Los Mirlos and Amazonian cumbia.

Based on extensive audiovisual archive material ranging from the first shows at local parties in the '60s to the recent and successful tours in Europe, LA DANZA DE LOS MIRLOS recounts the trajectory of one of the pioneering bands of the genre tracing the genealogy of tropical and popular music from an entire continent.

Without ignoring the usual disputes between members, the eccentric adventures, and the idolatry of an entire town, Álvaro Luque's documentary becomes as inexhaustible as the melody of the international cumbia anthem that gives it its name.

BERLATIN is an initiative of LATIN QUARTER Film Distribution in partnership with Babylon.




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