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ART LOVERS UNITE! Vivienne Westwood, Dacob (Engl. OV)

ART LOVERS UNITE! US/DE 2022, R: Patrick J. Thomas & Dacob, mit Vivienne Westwood, Dacob 76 min, OV

Dame Vivienne Westwood passed away on Thursday, December 29th, 2022.

To commemorate and celebrate her life, Patrick J. Thomas and Dacob have released the documentary “ART LOVERS UNITE!”, with and about Dame Vivienne Westwood.


"In a world of uncertainty, how can we find meaning and purpose? Art is one way to do that. In the documentary “ART LOVERS UNITE!”, activist and fashion designer Dame Vivienne Westwood and artist Dacob take a journey through the history of art at the Gemäldegalerie in Berlin and show how it can inspire us to live our lives with passion. They unlock the secrets behind masterpieces painted by Raphael, Rembrandt, Velazquez, Titian and even Caravaggio! They show us how these artists' work can help us grow as human beings."

After its world premiere in Australia at the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival and its Spanish premiere at the Barcelona Dart Documentary Film Festival on Contemporary Art, “ART LOVERS UNITE!” is finally coming home to premiere in Berlin where it was shot.

The news of Dame Westwood’s passing has left us all heartbroken but now we wish to celebrate the life of this incredible person who had such a refined sense for art and design and who kept tirelessly educating new generations about climate preservation, the love of art and humanity.

She was a punk at heart and we now continue her legacy by not only remembering her through “ART LOVERS UNITE!” but also by teaching the world about love and passion through Vivienne’s own words.

“ART LOVERS UNITE!” is one of the last recorded documents starring Vivienne Westwood that presents a rare and unparalleled opportunity to delve into her inner workings. It serves as the director's final testament to the iconic designer, offering a never-before-seen intimate glimpse into Dame Westwood’s brilliant mind.







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