IndoGerman FilmWeek: Who am I, IND 2022, R.: Shireesh Khemariya mit Rishika Chandani, Surendra Rajan, Chetan Skuthrharma, 124 Min, OmeU (Hindi mit englischen UT), Europa-Premiere Di. 4.10. 19:45

The story is set in a small town based on the banks of the river Narmada. Bhavitavya, a philosophy student who is currently living as a tenant at Mrs Jyoti's house, is also his girlfriend Aditi's mother. Though the two love each other, their way of life has always differed. While Bhavitva is a curious fellow filled with philological questions, Aditi is a cheerful girl who finds joy in even the little things in life. The story takes a turn when Bhavitavya's favourite philosophy professor, Vibhu Laxmi Narayan passes away. The turbulent mind of Bhavitavya starts questioning the existential questions of life. The questions like "Who am I?" or "Ko Aham?" heighten and soon his interaction with an old monk on Narmada Ghat compelled him to embark on a journey of self-discovery in the hope to find the answers to his many questions. The Narmada Parikrama begins and the journey spiritually unfolds life. He encountered many difficulties throughout, which provoked his beliefs. The monk taught him lessons but soon he started struggling with his thoughts of past life, love life and present life. Whether Bhavitavya could settle his mind? Can he answer his questions? What happens to his girlfriend and family after his departure? The film got all the answers.


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