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Refugees Film Festival - RFF




The Refugees Film Festival has been born due to the necessity to highlight the enormous drama of the crisis of millions of people in the XXI century that must leave their homes searching for a better life or only escaping from death.

 Through a selection of films from all across the globe, the Film Festival aims to raise awareness of common persons that had changed radically their way and place of living and that depict circumstances in a desperate bid for freedom or only to survive.

Ranging from blockbusters to independent films, the program aspires to shed light on their situation and contexts, their fears, losses, hopes, successes, and their despair, courage, and resilience.

The line-up also includes stories of resilience and hope, population under war, Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV), racial persecutions against native Americans, genocides against minorities, etc.

Also, the film festival includes productions made with and by women, men, and children in their new lives in the cities or places of temporary settlement. The Film Festival will also be featuring special guests from the films, including the filmmakers, actors, and protagonists.

In one week of programming, we will have 46 great films from Germany, Austria, USA, Canada, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Greece, Poland, Romania, Netherlands, UK, North Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Armenia, Turkey, Guatemala, Trinidad and Tobago, Chile, Australia, Sweden, and Japan. The majority will be a premiere in Berlin and many of them in Germany also, like “The Tank and the Olive Tree”, “Yara”, “Kreuzberg”, “You can’t kill my Dreams”, “The Wanderings of Ivan”, “Intercontinental”, “Doing Money”, “Who is Europe”, “Undeterred”, “They will not trespass”, “Once in Purple Dungarees”, “The Climate Limbo”, “Alara”, and “The Bomb”, among other.

We will see great shorts and features, dramas and documentaries with tons of nominations and awards in the most important film festivals all over the world.

This window to the best of the movies about this interesting and actual issue, that cross not only Europe-Middle East-Africa, but also different regions with migrations (international and internal, Natives of the USA and Canada, etc.), racism in Trinidad and Tobago against Venezuelans, the Armenian Genocide, past and current migrations because old wars, like in Vietnam and Cambodia, discrimination in between neighbors in Berlin, persecutions in North Korea, and beautiful and poetic movies that go beyond the issue of migration to the condition of the Human Being, upcoming wars (¿?) in Northern Europe, Worker Class Solidarity that cross the Atlantic, etc., will permit here, in Berlin, empathize with millions and millions of Humans that exist, and not only in the queue of Ausländerbehörde.

 We hope that the second edition of the Refugees Film Festival could help to understand, through the cinema, this complex reality that is going on in the entire world.

All the films have English subtitles
(if the language spoken in the movie is not English)

More info in https://www.refugeesfilmfest.com

Länge: 88 min.

D 2018 R: Carl Bessai mit Denise Ankel, Sammy Ounis, Horst Günter Marx, 88 Min, OmeU – Regisseur zu Gast.

Länge: 77 min.

Die Bombe [The bomb] D 2019, R: Dima Hamdan mit Tariq Al Saies, Rawa Darwisch, Friederike Frerichs, 20 Min, OmeU – Regisseurin zu Gast; Alara JP, 2019 R: Kounosuke Kawakami, 12 Min, OmeU; My Home India IN 2019, R: Anjali Bhushan, 45 Min, OmeU - insges. 77 Min

Länge: 100 min.

Aziz CH 2019, R: Mica Agustoni mit Leo Pinkus, Adrian Furrer, 22 Min, OmeU – Regisseurin zu Gast; The Climate Limbo IT 2019, R: Francesco Ferri, 40 Min, OmeU; The Power of Passport GT 2019, R: Simona Carnino, 37 Min, OmeU – insges. 99 Min

Länge: 66 min.

My Dream goes all the Way to Iran CA 2019 R: Negar Mojtahedi, 33 Min, OmeU; Alternativen [Once in Purple Dungarees] D 2019, R: Benjamin Kramme mit Barbara Philipp, Monika Lennartz, Jennifer Sabel, 13 Min, OmeU – Regisseur zu Gast; Yasmina FR 2019, R: Claire Cahen, Ali Esmili mit Hana Mekacher, Capucine Valmary, Kenza Noah Aiche, 20 Min, OmeU – insges. 66 Min

Länge: 96 min.

CL/GB 2018, R: Felipe Bustos Sierra, 96 Min, OmeU

Länge: 79 min.

SE 2019, R: Johan Bodell mit Adriana Savin, Henrik Dahl, Ndey Heng, 12 Min, OmeU; South Sudanese, Refugees in the West Nile Region ES 2019, R: Joakim M. Vila, 51 Min, OmeU; Anas v.the Giant USA 2019 R: Adrienne Collatos, 16 Min, OmeU – insges. 79 Min

Länge: 89 min.

GB 2019, R: Krysten Resnik mit Nathan Cortese, Sophie Bokor-Ingram, Lawrence Werber, 19 Min, OV; Omran CA 2019, R: Randy Morin, 10 Min, OV; Bordered CA 2019, R: Anïse Visser, 15 Min, OV; Who is Europe? GB 2019, R: Ian McDonald, 30 Min, OV – Regisseur zu Gast; Baradar [Brother] AF/IT 2019, R: Beppe Tufarulo, 15 Min, OmeU – Regisseur zu Gast – insges. 89 Min

Länge: 86 min.

USA 2019, R: Dan Gabriel, 86 Min, OV

Länge: 77 min.

USA 2019, R: Eva Lewis, 77 Min, OV

Länge: 70 min.

Saved – Escape from Kim’s regime KP 2019, R: Thea Elisabeth Haavet, 20 Min, OmeU; 5096 FR 2019, R: Jean Bodon, 37 Min, OmeU; This Being Human USA 2019, R: Aimie Vallat, Guido Ronge, 13 Min, OV – insges. 70 Min

Länge: 89 min.

CA 2019, R: Mark Bochsler, 89 Min, OmeU

Länge: 92 min.

Vietnam Aftermath USA 2019, R: Tom Phillips, 30 Min, OV; My Name is Mohamed and Raghad, we don’t exist here anymore IR/ UU 2019, R: Ali Mousawi, 12 Min, OmeU; Beirut Parc D 2019, R: Linda Jakobsen, 50 Min, OmeU – Regisseurin zu Gast – insges. 92 Min

Länge: 90 min.

D 2019, R: Elke Sasse, 90 Min, OmeU – Regisseurin zu Gast

Länge: 85 min.

Lifted / Who Will Remember / Intercontinental / The Village / You Can’t Kill My Dreams – insges. 85 Min

Länge: 100 min.

[Le Char et l'Olivier - Une autre histoire de la Palestine] FR 2018, R: Roland Nurier, 100 Min, OmeU

Länge: 87 min.

GB 2018, R: Alex Cooke mit Anca Dumitra, Mike Dormer, Cosmina Stratan, 87 Min, OV

Länge: 83 min.

Nowhere AT 2018, R: Natalie Halla, 60 Min, OmeU; Yara CH 2018, R: Sean Wirz mit Roni Tufan, Mariana dos Santos Mayer, Roza Isik, 23 Min, OmeU – Regisseur zu Gast – insges. 83 Min

Länge: 74 min.

USA 2018, R: Aby Rao mit Suparna Thies, Keith Kittrelle, 74 Min, OV

Länge: 89 min.

D 2018, R: Jim Kroft, 89 Min, OmeU – Regisseur zu Gast.

Länge: 75 min.

FR 2018, R: Claude Chamis mit Aram Arakeylan, Benjamin Baclet, Camille Freychet, 75 Min, OmeU – Regisseur zu Gast

Länge: 112 min.

Fremde im Herzen Europas [Strangers in the Heart of Europe] D 2019, R: Jan Paschen, 44 Min, OmeU – Regisseur zu Gast; DAKA in America USA 2019, R: Susan Kouguell, 2 Min, OV; Floating Islands CA 2019, R: Patricia Gruben mit Aliya Boulanger, Gabrielle Rose, Alexander Soto, 23 Min, OV; Not my Heaven AT 2019, R: Jacqueline Rauter, 18 Min, OmeU – Regisseurin zu Gast; FC St.Pauli in Siracusa - “Kick the Borders” D 2018, R: Linda Jakoben, 25 Min, OmeU – Regisseurin zu Gast – insges. 112 Min

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