Refugees Welcome Film Festival: PREMIERE A piece of Germany

2018, R: Ela Elisabeth Beken, 60 Min, OmeU – Vorfilm: Welcome to Europe 2017, R: Celia Hernández García, 18 Min, OF (insges. 78 Min)

“A Piece of Germany” is a poetic documentary film.

It is the story of love towards a long-left homeland. It is about family, friends, home, culture, identity, and “liminality.” It’s about children who unwillingly left their country of birth and since then have been existing in-between in a third culture. The director Ela Elisabeth Beken unlocks the inner dynamics of history to see through the children’s eyes and feel through the children’s hearts. “A Piece of Germany” envisions a peaceful world where people get along well in peace and friendship regardless of their religion or skin color.

A Piece of Germany goes back in time and depicts a period in history when the Turkish guest workers in Germany and their German hosts were close friends and when religion and nationality did not seem to matter as much. We learn that at that time people were interested in each other’s lives. The immigrants with their “born in Germany” babies were celebrating Christmas holidays, birthdays, and other feasts with their German friends and together they were happy like in fairytales. This went on until the early 1980s when the economic and social conditions changed dramatically.


Welcome to Europe 2017, R: Celia Hernández García, 18 Min, OF

The agreement between EU and Turkey took effect on March 20th, 2016. Since then, thousands of citizens have been blocked on the refugee camps of the Greek islands suffering a limbus of uncertainty. Abdullah and Wassim are two victims of an unfair system which condemns neglected men and women. This is their story, the same of thousands and thousands of people who just want to escape war and violence in their countries.



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