Refugees Welcome Film Festival

Haven in Germany – A test of humanity 2017, R: Walter L. Brähler, 87 Min, OmeU

Pfinztal is a small town in Southwest-Germany.

In October 2015 about 180 refugees moved into the communal housing in Pfinztal. Many citizens welcomed the refugees, helped them to get along, but for some of the refugees seemed to be a threat.

In this sense, Pfinztal is an illustration of what is going on in Germany related to the "refugee crisis". “Haven in Germany” follows a handful people for 1 year (Dec 2015 - Jan 2017) - refugees and Germans.

The documentary screens a historic year, shows how the refugees change Pfinztal and how Pfinztal changes the refugees. Face the facts and face the sentiments. "Listening, watching, making up one´s own mind: this is a film without comments of the author, but especially this is the reason, why the film is so intense and powerful - an appeal for humanity, which thrilled the audience." (Badische Neueste Nachrichten)

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