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Refugees Welcome Film Festival

25. October 2018 - 31. October 2018
All the films have English Subtitles – if the language of the movie is not English

The Refugees Film Festival borns due to the necessity to put in to highlight the enormous drama of the crisis of millions of people in the XXI century that must leave their homes searching for a better life or only escaping from death.

Through a selection of films from all across the globe, the Film Festival aims to raise awareness of common persons that had changed radically their way and place of living and that depict circumstances in a desperate bid for freedom or only to survive.

Ranging from blockbusters to independent films, the program aspires to shed light on their situation and contexts, their fears, losses, hopes, successes, and their despair, courage, and resilience.

The line-up also includes stories of resilience and hope, population under war, Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV), racial persecutions against native Americans, genocides against minorities, etc.
Also, the film festival includes productions made with and by women, men, and children in their new lives in the cities or places of temporary settlement. The Film Festival will also be featuring special guests from the films, including the filmmakers, actors, and protagonists.

In one week of programming, we will have 48 great films of Germany, Austria, USA, Canada, Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Kosovo, Poland, Netherlands, Romania, Iraq, Iran, Argentina, Honduras, Australia, Sweden, Bangladesh, Cyprus, and Egipt. The majority will be a premiere in Berlin and many of them in Germany also, like “Are you volleyball”, “Der Schwarze Nazi”, “Touch of Angel”,  “The boys next door”, “Y”, “Tin Can”, “88 Cents”, “A Piece of Germany”, “Strange Guests”.

We will see nominated Oscar Awards films, and great shorts and features, dramas and documentaries with tons of nominations and awards in the most important film festivals all over the Word.

This window to the best of the movies about this interesting and actual issue, that cross not only Europe-Middle East-Africa, but also different regions with migrations (international and internal,  Natives of the USA and Canada, etc.), unknows wars like the Honduran – Salvadorian War, persecutions against the Rohingya Nation and beautiful cooperative movies made by and for children, will permit here, in Berlin, to empathize with millions and millions of Human Beings that exist, and not only in the queue of Ausländerbehörde.

We hope that the first edition of the Refugees Film Festival could help to understand, through the cinema, this complex reality that is going on in the entire world.


Länge: 87 min.

Refugees Welcome film Festival. Kein Heimat Film [No Destination Home]

2018, R: Susanna Wüstneck, 87 Min, OmeU

Länge: 114 min.

Refugees Welcome Film Festival:  Premiere: The Boys Next Door

2017, R: Bobbie Fay Brandsen, 29 Min, OmeU;

Der schwarze Nazi [The black Nazi]

2016, R: Karl-Friedrich König, Tilman König mit Aloysius Itoka, Christian Weber, Bernd-Michael Baier, Judith Jacobs, Michael Specht, 85 Min, OmeU

Länge: 100 min.

Refugees Welcome Film Festival

Made in Iraq, 2016, R: Jasin Mohammed Jasim, 70 Min, OmeU;

Vorfilm: Stories of Refuge, 2017, R: Caleb P. Hobar mit Najwa Khalil, 30 Min, OF

Länge: 77 min.

Refugees Welcome Film Festival

Deutschlandpremiere: Touch of an Angel, 2015, R: Marek Tomasz Pawlowski mit Henry Schoenker, 60 Min, OmeU;

Vorfilm: Ein Traum im Exil [A Dream in Exile] 2018, R: Mohamad Shammaa, 17 Min, OmeU

Länge: 87 min.

Refugees Welcome Film Festival: Shorts

Länge: 87 min.

RWFF:  Shorts

Länge: 99 min.

Refugess Welcome Film Festival

Freedom Stories 2015, R: Steve Thomas, 99 Min, OF

Freedom Stories is a collaborative feature documentary giving voice to former refugees who arrived in Australia seeking asylum and endured years in mandatory detention and/or on Temporary Protection Visas.

Länge: 87 min.

Refugees Welcome Film Festival

Haven in Germany – A test of humanity 2017, R: Walter L. Brähler, 87 Min, OmeU

Pfinztal is a small town in Southwest-Germany.

In October 2015 about 180 refugees moved into the communal housing in Pfinztal. Many citizens welcomed the refugees, helped them to get along, but for some of the refugees seemed to be a threat.

Länge: 79 min.

Refugees Welcome Film Festival

Grenzenlos - Geschichten von Freiheit & Freundschaft [Beyond Borders- Stories of Freedom & Friendship]

2017, R: Sandra Dajani, Nazgol Emami, Johanna Bentz, Madeleine Dallmeyer, Camilo Colmenares, Diana Menestrey, Khaled Nawal, 79 Min, OmeU

Films for refugee children, for their friends and for everyone else.

Länge: 105 min.

Refugees Welcome Film Festival

In search of a nation [Desh Khojdai Janda] 2016, R: Prakash Angdembe mit Hemanta Budathoki, Baboo Bogati, Meena Koirala, 105 Min, OmeU

Desh Khojdai Janda (In Search of a Nation) film narrate more than 120,000 forgotten Nepali-speaking Bhutanese citizen from Bhutan.

Länge: 95 min.

Refugees Welcome Film Festival


2017, R: Fausto Montanari, 2 Min, OF;

Should I stay or should I go - Perpectives from the Gambia

2017, R: Christian Weinert, 28 Min, OF;

Finding Water 2017, R: Brendan O'Brien, 30 Min, OF;

Sanctuary 2017, R: Farid Zarrinbal mit Farid Zarrinbal, 15 Min, OmeU;

Testimonies of a Massacre: Tula Toli 2017, R: Shafiur Rahman, 20 Min, OmeU

Länge: 80 min.

Refugees Welcome Film Festival

No human is ilegal 2018, R: Richard C Ledes, 61 Min, OmeU

Vorfilm: Arrival 2015, R: Jan Wittkopp, Simon Schneckenburger, 19 Min, OmeU

Completed in 2018, NO HUMAN IS ILLEGAL is a uniquely poetic and truthful documentary about what is arguably one of the darkest and most seminal political historical events of the start of the 21st century: the founding of a zone of exclusion within the Eurozone.

Länge: 97 min.

Refugees Welcome Film Festival

Forget Winnetou! Loving in the wrong way

2018, R: Red Haircrow, 69 Min, OmeU

Vorfilm: Pulga [Flea] 2017, R: Alejandro Irias mit Carlos Corea, 28 Min, OmeU

(insges. 97 Min)

Länge: 92 min.

Refugees Welcome Film Festival

The Alien Trail, 2018, R: Nicolas Iordanou, 20 Min, OmeU;

The Pianist of Yarmouk 2017, R: Vikram Ahluwalia mit Aeham Ahmad, 12 Min, OmeU;

D for Dostojewski 2017, R: Jaqueline Rauter mit Gerhard Lee, Marleen Osinger, 23 Min, OmeU;

Land of Good - Seeking asylum in Germany, and finding hatred 2017, R: Ainara Tiefenthäler, 14 Min, OmeU;

Broken Borders 2017, R: Jannis Hollmann, Nikita Menkov mit Jannis Hollmann, Abbas Saberi, 23 Min, OF (insges. 92 Min)

Länge: 83 min.

Refugees Welcome Film Festival

Dangerous Crossings – The making of a campaign 2017, R: Ismail Elmokadem, 20 Min, OmeU;

Strange guests 2017, R: Eva van Pelt, 14 Min, OmeU;

Change of perspective – My new life 2018, R: Tresor Ilunga, Dayana Dreke mit Sajad Sheykhi, Mohammad Alshabani, 26 Min, OmeU;

Same drum 2018, R: Poppy van Oorde-Grainger, 3 Min, OF;

Bini 2018, R: Erblin Nushi mit Eshref Durmishi, Fjolla Nushi, 20 Min, OmeU (insges. 83 Min)

“Dangerous Crossings” is part of a major campaign by UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, to spread awareness about the dangers of crossing to war-stricken Yemen through the Gulf of Aden and Red Sea from Africa, highlighting the horrendous conditions and rising risks in Yemen.

Länge: 78 min.

Refugees Welcome Film Festival: PREMIERE A piece of Germany

2018, R: Ela Elisabeth Beken, 60 Min, OmeU – Vorfilm: Welcome to Europe 2017, R: Celia Hernández García, 18 Min, OF (insges. 78 Min)

“A Piece of Germany” is a poetic documentary film.

Länge: 70 min.

Refugees Welcome Film Festival

Lea and Mira 2017, R: Poli Martinez Kaplun mit Lea Novera, Mira Stupnik, 52 Min, OmeU + Vorfilme

Länge: 85 min.

Refugees Welcome Film Festival

Look away 2018, R: Arthur Levivier, 85 Min, OmeU

Europe, rule of law and welcoming continent? Look Away reports on what is happening in many cities in Europe by taking the example of Calais.

Länge: 89 min.

Refugees Welcome Film Festival

Mi viejo rebelde [My old rebel dad] 2018, R: Ana Bayer with Osvaldo Bayer and Corrado Mignani, 69 Min, OmeU –

Vorfilm: Tin Can 2018, R: Pat Battistini mit Carlos Ragas, Kevin. E. West, 20 Min, OmeU (insges. 89 Min)

The look of the daughter of Osvaldo Bayer, Argentine historian and journalist, who has been in exile in Berlin/ Germany, during the dictatorship of 1976 in Argentina.

Länge: 91 min.

Refugees Welcome Film Festival

88 cents 2018, R: Tyler Pina mit Matthew Weitz, 37 Min, OmeU;

Lifeboat 2018, R: Skye Fitzgerald, 34 Min, OmeU;

Tin Can 2018, R: Pat Battistini mit Carlos Ragas, Kevin. E. West, 20 Min, OmeU

(insges. 91 Min)

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