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Der Berg ruft - 2. Berg FilmFestival

24. 2. – 1.3.

Das zweite Jahr vom ersten Berg Film Festival Berlins!

Eröffnet durch:

Reinhold Messner LIVE

1 Vortrag, 1 Film

Fr, 24.02. 19:30


Reinhold Messner LIVE - KALIPÈ + Film: MOUNT EVEREST - DER LETZTE SCHRITT (2018) - Ein Film von Reinhold Messner

Alle Filme und Gäste in Kürze


Berlin's brand new annual mountain film festival “Der Berg Ruft” is a 6-day show of exceptional alpine films hosted by the Babylon Kino in Berlin from 24 February - 01 March 2023.
The film selection is our answer to the necessity for wilderness and adventure that lies buried in every human soul. In Berlin, like every city, we live a predictable life removed from nature, with traffic lights and rules determining our every move. In great contrast, in the unforgiving mountain environment, pushing the limits of what is humanly possible is a prerequisite. This requires creativity, endurance, and motivation.
At Babylon, expect to leave the city behind and experience a full immersion into the alpine world on the big screen in this lovingly restored historical theatre.
Beyond the film medium, world-class speakers share the indomitable spirit of the mountains with visionary presentations. We are proud to announce that for the 2023 event, Reinhold Messner will return to Berlin to open the festival with a new presentation, Kalipe.


“The wonderful things in life are the things you do, not the things you have.”
—Reinhold Messner


Kuratorin: Filmemacherin, Bergsteigerin Carla Braun-Elvert.


Länge: 200 min.

FILM: MOUNT EVEREST - DER LETZTER SCHRITT (2018) - Ein Film von Reinhold Messner

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