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Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest - 16.-17. November 2018

Nach einem sehr erfolgreichen ersten Jahr findet unser zweites Festival vom 16. bis 17. November 2018 wieder an zwei Tagen statt.

Als erstes Science-Fiction-Filmfestival in Deutschland, ist es unsere Absicht, das Genre und seine Filmemacher in all ihrer Pracht zu feiern. Dieses Jahr zeigen wir 144 Filme aus 38 Ländern.

In diesem Jahr läuft das Sci-Fi Filmfest in allen 3 Kinosälen im Babylon. Wir zeigen doppelt so viele Filme. Viele der Filmemacher haben sich angesagt, d.h. es wird auch wieder einige Q&As geben.

Außerdem erwartet die Besucher ein buntes Zusatzprogramm rund um das Thema Science Fiction. z.B: Panels, Workshops, Cosplayer, eine Sci-Fi Ausstellung, Sci-fi Games und vieles mehr.



Following on from a highly successful first year, our second festival will once again take place over two days from 16th to 17th November 2018.

As the first ever science fiction film festival in Germany (and one that is set in the “otherworldly” landscape Berlin), it is our intention to celebrate the genre and its filmmakers in all of its glory. Last year we screen 66 films from 21 countries and had over 600 visitors.

This year the festival will have more features as Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest takes over the Babylon Cinema. We will be running all three cinemas (meaning even more screen time), an events room with workshops, cosplay and live podcast, plus there will be a Sci-fi exhibitions set in the Oval Room.

Länge: 400 min.

Daypass valid 16 November 2018 From 10:30 – 18:00

Länge: 117 min.

CC Canada 2018 R: Kailey Spear, Sam Spear Mit: Jewel Staite, Sharon Taylor, Audrey Wise Alvarez     0h14mins OV (English)    
An AID nanny named CC has been hired by Lena Howard to care for her daughter, Adelaide.

Länge: 91 min.

BCT 24 Germany 2018 R: Ralf Küster, Daniel Haingartner. 0h04mins OV

Cläre hits some drumsticks and she transforms into Cybersnuff.

Länge: 108 min.

Dystopian:Lovesong Italy 2017 R: Stefano Moro     Mit: David Yip, Annalì Rainoldi, Karen Archer    0h25mins OV (English)    

Länge: 122 min.

Discussion Andromeda USA 2018 R: Emily Dean Mit: Aaron Glenane, Kestrel Leah, Mai Brunelle 0h15mins OV

Länge: 33 min.

Worlds of Ursula K. Le Guin USA 2018 R: Arwen Curry Mit: Ursula K. Le Guin, Neil Gaiman, Margaret Atwood 1h09mins OV (English)

Länge: 111 min.

Homes of Hope UK 2017 R: Junaid 'Jay' Syed Mit: Joe Rainbow, Hera Fjord 0h05mins OV (English)

Länge: 101 min.

GOOD MORNING USA 2017 R: Elaine Mongeon Mit: Maya Kazan, Jamie McShane 0h12mins OV (English)

Länge: 400 min.

Valid for the 17 November 2018. From 10:30 – 18:00

Länge: 109 min.

P Germany 2017 R: Marcus Hanisch Mit: Robert Mika, Ella-Maria Gollmer 0h19mins OmeU (German/English)
To unburden himself from his feeling of guilt, scientist "P" transfers a traumatic memory to an android robot girl.

Länge: 105 min.

Portrait of a Superhero USA 2018 R: Tony Armer Mit: Dale Pople, Karen Connolly 0h14mins OV (English)

Länge: 110 min.

BCT 24 Germany 2018 R: Ralf Küster, Daniel Haingartner 0h04mins OV

Länge: 51 min.

Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest: German Sci-fi/Panel 2

Länge: 111 min.

Nemausus Ep 1 France 2018 R: Quentin Uriel Mit: Clément Mauger, Yohan Genin, Anne Céline Trambouze 0h04mins OmeU (French/English)

Länge: 140 min.

Spacewalker Russia 2017 R: Demitriy Kiselev Mit: Konstantin Khabenskiy, Evegeniy Mironov, Aleksandra Ursulyak 2h20mins OV (Russian/English) Set in the Cold War era, the Russians plan to do the first space walk.

Länge: 114 min.

2 Aliens - Found Footage Fiasco Germany 2017 R: Thomas Zeug Mit: Thomas Zeug, Maria Boger, Kai Erfurt 0h34mins OmeU (German/English)

Länge: 103 min.

The Replacement USA 2017 R: Sean Miller Mit: Mike McNamara 0h15mins OV (English) Clones are people too.

Canaries UK 2017 R: Peter Stray Mit: Robert Pugh 1h14mins OV (English)

An International alien invasion coincides with a New Years Eve party in a small Welsh valley. A brilliant but disturbed scientist freezes his children in a race to cure their deadly genetic disease by decoding the DNA of the immortal Turritopsis jellyfish.

Länge: 103 min.

Rogue Trooper: The Quartz Massacre UK 2018 R: Adam Kirley Mit: Damien Walters 0h06mins OV (English)

Länge: 120 min.

Echoes (USA) USA 2018 R: Mark Kerins, Elliot Mayen Mit: Brina Palencia 0h11mins OV (English)

Länge: 93 min.

I came from the future Poland 2018 R: Dave Lojek Mit: Viktor Weinberg 0h04mins OV (English)

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