"They named a brandy after Napoleon, they made a herring out of Bismarck,and Hitler is going to end up as a piece of cheese."




Around International Film Festival is an Independent annual event with four major live screenings for all Feature, Documentary, Short, Commercial, Music Video, Animations, Student Films, TV, Series and New Media as an IMDb Award Listing Qualifier.

Each year, Best Of The Best Finalists take place for screening on the Annual Festival in Barcelona // Amsterdam // Paris // and also to be be awarded with the ARFF International Certificates at the Annual Award Ceremony in Berlin.

This year ARFF International will be screenings 45 Films from 41 Countries during the ''Karneval der Kulturen'' to integrate it's global community with the all-genre artists and film enthusiasts literally from all around the world. Moreover, Winner Filmmakers will be gathering to break the World Record of Most Directors (44 filmmakers) with #AstrallStory, a first film produced by a network of independent filmmakers who are the finalists of the Around International Film Festival.

All editions of the Festival, such as ARFF Berlin, ARFF Amsterdam, ARFF Paris and ARFF Barcelona are curated by ARFF International and directed by Onno Mara with the guidance of Around Films.


ARFF Berlin // Film Festival // June 8th 2019 from ARFF INTERNATIONAL on Vimeo.




Länge: 79 min.

80 Min

Länge: 71 min.

71 Min

Länge: 68 min.

68 Min, OmeU

Länge: 43 min.

Best Experimental Film Finalists

Länge: 75 min.

TUR 2017, R: Irmak Sueri Cora, 75 Min, OmeU

Länge: 90 min.

[Best Feature Film Finalists] USA 2018, Director: Jared Januschka, 90 Min

Länge: 77 min.

[Best Feature Documentary Finalists] USA 2016, R: Jonathan Penson, 77 Min

Länge: 104 min.

[Best Feature Film Finalists] IND 2018, R: Kireet Khurana, 104 Min, OmeU

Länge: 51 min.

[Best Feature Documentary Finalists] NZL 2019, Director: Matthew Jenke, 51 Min

Länge: 111 min.

[Best Feature Film Finalists] FIN 2018, R: Tuukka Temonen, 111 Min, OmeU

Länge: 46 min.

46 Min

Länge: 66 min.

66 Min

Länge: 47 min.

Best Director Finalists: Mercury / Tickle My Pickle / Luisa

Länge: 78 min.

78 Min, OmeU

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