"They named a brandy after Napoleon, they made a herring out of Bismarck,and Hitler is going to end up as a piece of cheese."






Jan Švankmajer ist ein Filmemacher, Poet, Zeichner und Objektkünstler. Durch seine surrealistischen Animationen und Filme wurde er weltweit bekannt.
Tim Burton, Terry Gilliam und andere Filmemacher und Künstler sind von Švankmajers Arbeiten stark beeinflusst.


Kunstkamera - BERLIN PREMIERE - Berliner Erstaufführung

Alice [Neco z Alenky] [Něco z Alenky], 1987

Faust [Lekce Faust]Faust [Lekce Faust], 1994

 Conspirators of pleasure [Spiklenci slasti], 1996

Little Otik / Greedy Guts [Otesánek]Little Otik / Greedy Guts [Otesánek], 2000

Lunacy [Šílení] [Šílení], 2005

Surviving Life [Prežít svuj život][Přežít svůj život], 2010

Insect [Hmyz] [Hmyz], 2018

Athanor - Alchemical Furnace [Athanor - Alchymická pec]r - Alchemical Furnace [Athanor - Alchymická pec], 2020


Shorts Švankmajer: Kurzfilme I     Švankmajer: Kurzfilme II     Švankmajer: Kurzfilme III       Švankmajer: Kurzfilme IV


JAN ŠVANKMAJER was born on September 4, 1934 in Prague.

His studies at the College of Applied Arts in Prague in the Stage Design Department and at the Prague Academy of Performing Arts in the Department of Puppetry (directing and stage design) largely predetermined his own creative development.

He did not study film and its technology - perhaps this also contributed to Švankmajer’s not being weighed down by the “cinematic art” with its excessive dedication to the technical medium and resulting depressive receptiveness.

In the Magic Lantern Theatre he experimented with some film procedures, including special effects, for the first time. He made his first film in 1964 at the Krátký film Studio in Prague. The creative diversity of Jan Švankmajer, however, exceeds the limits of film. The artist is active in autonomous visual expression which he has practised since the end of the 1950s.

His literary expression consists mainly of scenarios and tactile poems, while his theoretical activity has focused on research of tactile phenomena and imagination.

A considerable part of the imaginative strength of Jan Švankmajer consists of blasphemous black humour and a playful viewpoint which, together with extraordinary sensibility and a penetrating critical intellect, form the determining facets of his creative personality.

His work, whether film, visual, or literary, is connected with the collective activities of the Czechoslovak Surrealist group.


Länge: 127 min.

Little Otik / Greedy Guts [Otesánek]

CZ, UK, JP 2000, R: Jan Švankmajer mit Veronika Zilková, Jan Hartl, Jaroslava Kretschmerová, 127 Min, OmeU

Länge: 54 min.

Svankmajer: Kunstkamera, CZ 2022, R: Jan Svankmajer, 53 Min, No Dialogue, Berliner Erstaufführung

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